Howdy  ya’ll,
Saturday the JH ran at Poth.  It was a good warm up for district.  Two teams of boys competed and 4 seventh grade girls ran.  The results are as follows:
7th grade girls
Kayla Herrera               13:29            2nd-medalist
Jessica Cuenca             14:53           8th-medalist
Karmen Herrera          15:49          16th
Mariah Amador           16:10          22nd
7th grade boys  Team finish with 169 points
Eli Garrison                    13:30          12th
Paul Tomlinson            14:32          21st
Cody Lopez                   15:08          30th
Gage Eichman              19:26          50th
Wyatt Conover            22:41          56th
8th Grade Boys Team finished as meet champion for 8th grade with 46 points
Edson Hernandez       11:56           3rd
Elrik Botello                   12:10           5th
Michael Bradshaw      12:28          8th
Isaiah Gomez                13:00        12th
Billy Bermea                  13:06        18th
David Aguilar                 16:52       40th
We have gotten better each week and are getting ready to try to win a district championship.  It will be the first time to have a JH district title since 2008.  We run next Saturday at Hondo.  JH 8th grade run at 11:00 and JH 7th Grade run at 11:30.   Working hard in practice this week so we will have the possibility to medal on Saturday.
“If I wasn’t dyslexic, I probably wouldn’t have won the games.  If I had been a better reader, then that would have come easily…and I never would have realized that the way you get ahead in life is hard work.”  - Bruce Jenner
Hadley Foster Jr.
Lytle CC