Howdy Ya’ll,
“You can’t win them all, but you can try.” –Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Saturday we finished the Cross country season for the Junior High.  We had three teams competing.  Here is how we ran.  I think you can see all the runners were successful whether they medaled or not.
7th Grade boys                              Place                           Time at district (time at Hondo in Sept.)     
Eli Garrison                                     13th                                13:58 (17:56)
Paul Tomlison                                14th                                14:02 (did not run)
Cody Lopez                                     18th                                14:51 (19:47)
Gage Eichman                               28th                                16:47 (19:15)
Wyatt Conover                             32nd                               19:22 (23:46)
The team finished 4th and mirrored the finish of last year’s seventh grade boys team.  Last year no one medaled in district in seventh grade but the boys returned for their 8th grade season and look at the improvement they made.  The eighth grade boys finished second as a team and had 4 runners medal in the top ten.  I look forward to see how the seventh grade lads improve as they now understand they can run long and fast. The 8th grade results are as follows.
8th Grade boys                              Place                           Time at district (time at Hondo in Sept.)     time in seventh grade at district
Edson Hernandez-Gonzalez        4th –Medalist                                      12:15 (13:23)
Damien Casiano                                5th –Medalist                                      12:23(did not run)
Michael Bradshaw                           7th- Medalist                                       12:31 (did not run)  14:46
Elric Botello                                         8th –Medalist                                      12:35 (14:13) 14:25
Billy Bermea                                       13th                                                         13:04
Isaiah Gomez                                     14th                                                         13:08
David Aguilar                                      24th                                                         15:54 (18:54) 20:29
The seventh grade girls placed second as a team and had two medalists.  Hopefully the lessons learned about practice ethics will show them that how they practice results in the performance on the course.  In my book lessons learned far outweigh winning first.
7th Grade girls                              Place                           Time at district (time at Hondo in Sept.)     
Kayla Herrera                                     2nd- Medalist                      14:02 (15:16)
Jessica Cuenca                                  8th –Medalist                     14:53 (17:41)
Karmen Herrera                               11th                                         15:14 (20:49)
Mariah Amador                                15th                                         15:37 (19:07)
Shelbie Elizondo                               18th                                         16:18 (17:34)
Monique Covarubbia                     25th                                         17:42 (19:59)
Thanks to all those who supported us this year by coming out and watching the teams run.  It is an honor to work with these athletes.  Thanks to coach Ruiz for allowing me to drive the bus.  Hopefully this is a beginning to a journey which leads them to the state course in Round Rock. “You start developing a championship attitude by first telling the kids that they are really good and that they have the potential to be great.”  Mike Krzyzewski
“There is always joy in achieving, but the greater satisfaction lies in sharing.” –Kip Keino
Hadley Foster
Lytle JH CC
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