Howdy ya’ll,
We ran our first two mile course this weekend at Hondo..  The results are as follows.  We had two teams competing, the 8th grade boys and the seventh grade girls.  The seventh grade boys were  short one lad to make a team but four of them ran and set a time to beat at district.
8th grade boys                                                  Place                                        time
Edson Hernandez Gonzalez                             10th- Medalist                13:23
Elrik Botello                                                             18th                                    14:13
Brandon Mora                                                      25th                                      15:50
John Msrtinez                                                      56th                                      18:11
David Aguilar                                                        60th                                       18:54
Team results – 6th place
7th grade boys                                                  Place                                        time
Eli Gallegos                                                         37th                                         17:56
Gage Eichman                                                   52nd                                        19:15
Cody Lopez                                                         56th                                         19:47
Wyatt Conover                                                 62nd                                        23:46
7th grade girls                                                  Place                                        time
Kayla Herrera                                                     3rd –Medalist                     15:16
Shelbie Elizondo                                               16th                                        17:34
Jessica Cuenca                                                  17th                                         17:41
Mariah Amador                                                25th                                         10:07
Monique Covarubbia                                     31st                                         19:59
Karmen Herrera                                               39th                                         20:49
Team 3rd behind Medina Valley and Boerne Middle school south
Next week the 8th grade boys run with the JV runners at UTSA.
If these athletes work hard in practice, If these athletes work harder in the classroom, If these athletes conduct themselves with honor and If they continue to support their teammates then they will finish first.  You can’t spell finish first without IF.
Thank you for all your support and a special thanks to all the parents support on Saturday.  I couldn’t have done it without them.
Thursday is talk like a Pirate day.  Celebrate the day me hardies.
Hadley Foster
Lytle JH CC