Howdy all,
The 8th grade JH boys team competed in the Junior Varsity race at the UTSA Ricardo Romo invitational.  The lads represented Lytle well and the future of Lytle CC looks bright.  There were 275 runners competing in the race.  The results are at follows:
                                                                                           Time                                           Place
Edson Hernandez-Gonzales                               13:21                                              100th
Elrik Botello                                                               13:35                                              122nd
Brandon Mora                                                          13:59                                              148th
Michael Bradshaw                                                  14:33                                              185th
Billy Bermea                                                              14:48                                              197th
David Aguilar                                                             16:58                                              252nd
John Martinez                                                          17:02                                              254th
Many set personal best times for two miles.  As a team they placed about 19th of 24 teams.  These 8th grade lads ran against high school runners.  For example Edson finished 100th and he beat a junior from Pearsall who was 101st.  Next week the entire JH teams of 7 and 8th grade run at the inaugural SWTJC relays.
“There is always joy in achieving, but the greater satisfaction lies in sharing.”- Kipchoge “Kip” Keino
Hadley Foster Jr.
Lytle JH CC