Howdy Ya’ll,
We began the Junior High Cross Country Season on Saturday with a 1 mile race at New Braunfels.  For the first race of the year we represented Lytle well.  The results were all individual times and they did not score a team finish.  The seventh and eighth graders ran against each other.  Some of the seventh graders would have probably medaled if they had separated the grades.  Two weeks from now in Hondo we will have 7th graders running against only seventh graders for medals.  
8th Boys                                                      1 mile time                                    Place
Edson Hernandez Gonza                        5:18                                              9th – medalist
Michael Bradshaw                                     5:35                                             12th – medalist
Brandon Mora                                            5:52                                             23rd
Billy Bermea                                                6:00                                              26th
Elrik  Botello                                                6:30                                              42nd
David Aguilar                                              6:54                                               57th
7th Boys
Paul Tomlinson                                         6:54                                               56th
Cody Lopez                                                7:46                                                67th
Gage Eichman                                          7:39                                                62nd
Wyatt Conover                                        9:21                                                83rd
7th Girls
Jessica Cuenca                                         6:28                                                23rd
Monique Covarubbia                            7:57                                                48th
Edson and Jessica now have the fastest time for a Junior High Cross Country runner from Lytle at the New Braunfels course.  We have been running at this race for 4 years.  As you can see we still need some runners to have a team for the girls.  Thank you for all your support that you give these athletes.
“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.” – Reggie Leach
Hadley Foster Jr.
Lytle JH CC