Yesterday the Junior High ran the Pre-District race at Bandera.  Some races we run, we run to win and other races we run, we run to learn lessons.  Yesterday was a lesson learning race.  We as coaches can harp on hydration and the importance of beginning the hydration process two to three days before we run.  They hear us but they don’t understand until they get to experience an afternoon run in the hill country.  It was a tough race but it taught the runners lessons through firsthand experience.  Next week we will be better prepared. 


The seventh grade boys ran well.  Before they ran they set goals to beat their eighth grade teammates.  Some were successful.

                                       Place                              Time

Jared Garrison          36th                                 14:25     he wanted to run faster than his brother.

Johnny Gonzales     47th                                 14:48

Seth Elizondo            58th                                  15:47

Zach Rodriguez        78th                                  17:06


There were 110 runners in the race.


The eighth grade boys ran well, but the experience they gained will pay off next week.

                                       Place                              Time

Joshua Montes        19th – medaled           12:37

Paul Tomlinson        30th                                  12:49

Gage Eichman          87th                                  15:01

Eli Garrison                97th                                  15:40

Cody Lopez              102nd                                 16:03

AJ Marin                   118th                                  18:03

Wyatt Conover      126th                                  24:50


The team placed 6th in the meet which had over 228 runners at the start.  The largest start the lads have experienced to date. 


The 8th grade girls fought hard even though they lost Jessica Cuenca earlier in the week to a severe ankle sprain. 

                                       Place                              Time

Clarissa Cantu           16th – medaled           14:26

Erika Frazier              25th                                  15:08

Monique Covarubbias  60th                          16:39

Shelbie Elizondo     63rd                                  16:49

Khloe Moran            75th                                   18:04


The girls also placed 6th as a team but are ready to improve next week at district.  Wish them good skill this week as they prepare for their final race of the season. 


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  Martin Luther King


Hadley Foster Jr