The Junior High completed the 2014 Cross Country season running the district race in Bandera.  The Junior High girls ran first.  We had 5 girls run to make a team.  This year seems to be a year when the Lytle Cross Country program had to deal with a large number of injuries.

Cross Country is a team sport and if you lose a runner it effects the team.  The five girls stepped up and ran well placing 5th as a team.  Three of the young ladies medaled. 

                                                Time                      Place

Clarissa Cantu                    14:27                     10th – medaled

Erika Frazier                        14:52                     12th – medaled

Shelbie Elizondo               15:25                     15th – medaled

Monique Covarubbias   16:31                     24th

Khloe Moran                      17:55                     31st

In Junior High we usually run the last races of any meet.  I tell them it’s because we save the best for last.  This year that was true.  The 7th grade boys all ran well and three of the four lads medaled and all set times they didn’t know they could run at the beginning of the year.  The times in parenthesis is the time they ran last week. 

Time                      Place

Johnny Gonzales              14:03 (14:48)      11th – medaled

Jared Garrison                   14:06 (14:25)      13th – medaled

Seth Elizondo                     14:25 (15:47)      15th – medaled

Zach Rodriguez                 15:57 (17:06)      24th

If they would have had one more runner they would have placed in the top three as a team. 

We look at growth and do students make a year’s gain in school.  The AYP for the 8th grade Cross Country lads exceled above one year’s growth.  Last year as seventh graders, not one runner placed in the top ten.  Last year the team placed a distant fourth in the district race.  This year the boys placed the highest of any team in Lytle.  The medaled third and as you can see in the picture each boy earned a third place medal.  The team placed third and individually Joshua Montes was crowned the 8th grade boys district champion.  When I compare his and Paul’s time to Adrian Valdez’s time in 8th grade they are comparable.  Adrian ran an 11:25 in 2008 and was district champion. 

Time                      Place

Joshua Montes                 12:04 (12:37)      1st – District Champion

Paul Tomlison                    12:06 (12:49)      4th – Medalist

Eli Garrison                         13:57 (15:40)      17th

Cody Lopez                         14:38 (16:03)      27th

Gage Eichman                   14:42 (15;01)      28th

AJ Marin                              17:23 (18:13)      36th

Wyatt Conover                 22:16 (24:50)      40th

Tell these athletes congratulations on a season well done.  Most of these athletes have run over 150 miles this season.  Thanks to all the parents who get them to practice and come watch them at the meets.  These athletes exhibit this unknown quote: “Associate with people of good qualities; it is better to be alone than in bad company.”  They have truly become Ohana.

“Ohana means family.  Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”  Lilo and Stitch

Hadley Foster Jr

Lytle junior high CC