8th Grade Boys:

Tonight the boys split wins with Hondo; the B team dominated the Owls with a 39 to 13 victory. Jose Gallegos lead the charge with 17 points followed by Adan Ayala with 9. The A team fought off an 8 point halftime deficit to take the lead going into the 4th quarter, but the Pirates were not able to maintain losing 33-27. Joel Guerrero lead the team with 7 points followed by Jacob I. Morales with 6. I am proud of the fight in these young men.

8th Grade Girls:

Last night our girls played against Hondo and lost both games. These girls put up a fight even though the scoreboard doesnt show it. 

8th grade B team 


8th grade A team


Next game is against Thursday. A team plays in the Devine tournament this Saturday. Wish us luck. Thanks for all the support

Coach Garza

7th Grade Boys:

Lytle B     10

Hondo       27


Lytle A     32

Hondo       44


"My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.”

            ~Michael Jordan

7th Grade Girls

Last night the 7th grade girls traveled to Hondo.  Both teams were outscored by the Owls.  The B team dominated the offensive rebounding.   I think they probably outrebounded Hondo at least 4 to 1.  However, you get no points for an offensive rebound.  If gravity would have worked in our favor the B team would have won.  Instead Hondo had 13 and Lytle 12 when the last buzzer sounded.  Jerelynn Kent was the leading scorer with six points including a nice 17 foot bank shot.  MariaCruz Reyes scored 4 points  and Emily Garcia had two points on a nice rebound put back. 

In the A game we cut the lead to 8 in the last 30 seconds and had 4 free throw attempts to cut the lead but we missed all 4.  We did accomplish our goals for the game by making a free throw and scoring more than we did last week.  Reflecting on the game on the ride home for a 7th grade A game the score was as good as some high school games.  Hondo ended up winning 45-37 but we had a chance to win in the fourth quarter.  The A team was led in scoring by Jeanae Harden with 13 points.  Destinae Darby had 10 points, Abby Garcia and Angelik Martinez added 2 and Autumn Frias added one.  We have much to work on as our zone defense was poor as well as our individual closeouts on our man defense.  We made a free throw this week but we ended up 6 for 26.  Basketball is a simple game.  Score your layups and free throws and you will win more than you lose.  Next week Fredricksburg comes to town and the A team plays in a tournament in Devine on Saturday.  If you get a chance to see them you won’t be disappointed. 

“The prospect who does what is required of him is a player.  When he does more, he becomes an athlete.” – Hank Iba

Hadley Foster Jr

Jacklyn Bohl

7th grade coaches