Our season ended earlier then we were hoping this year.  Natalie finished 78th after being in 10th with a 100m to go.  She cramped up, collapsed and couldn’t continue for a while.  She has been battling an injury on that specific area and has struggled to complete her workouts the last few weeks.  We were hoping that she could rely on her strength to get her through, but the pace was too fast and her endurance level wasn’t up to it since we had to adjust workouts due to her injuries.  She fought hard for as long as she could.  You could see it on her face the determination during the race and the disappointment that her body couldn’t do what she wanted afterwards.  I am very proud of her effort and almost getting it done even though we knew it was a difficult task.

 It has been a very difficult year this year for our program.  After a very successful year last year where everything went right…this year everything that you could imagine went wrong.  Failures, injuries, etc…  But so is the circle of life. How we respond to those situations help define who we will be from this day forward. That is why I am very appreciative of what we have been able to accomplish these last few years because I know those things can be taken away in an instant.  This year was exactly that.  The good thing is we have a lot of young kids that are motivated and I know they will bring us back to the standard we have held here the last few years.  Though we are in a tough district where just on the boys side all 3 teams that advanced from our district finished 1-2-3 at regionals and are all headed to state.  I know that next year we will fight for one of those spots.  I have no doubt these kids will be up to the task and I will make sure to remind them EVERYDAY of what it was like to finish how we did this year.

Thanks for all your support.

Gilberto Ruiz

Hadley Foster