Fredericksburg    40

Lytle 7th B       12


Fredericksburg    50

Lytle 7th A       16


Our Next game is against Bandera Thursday (12/11/2014) here at the LJHS gym.  Hope to see you there.


7th GradeYesterday the Billies from Fredricksburg came to Lytle.  After a week off from the Thanksgiving break the B team seemed to forget the objective of the game was to put the round ball into the hoop.  They were shut out in the first half but they came out and won the third quarter.  Unfortunately the game is a four quarter affair.  The final score was Fredricksburg 26, Lytle 4.  Eleni Keith and Maricruz Reyes each scored two points to total the four.  The A game was a raucous scrum.  There was a total of only 7 foul shots given in the game.  The officials let the girls play and hack and bang.  Once again the team that makes the most layups wins the game.  We probably shot 30 % from the floor.  Jeanae Harden led the team in scoring with 8,  Autumn Frias, Angelik Martinez and Destinae Darby added 4 points and Abigail Garcia finished the scoring with 2 points.  We played tough and Kendra Rainey and Karley Juarez said after the game all the girls hustled up and down the court.  Thanks for all the fans who support us and Coach Pierce and Coach Ruiz for the clock and book work.