Howdy all,

“The thing about dreams, though, is they usually sound crazy to everyone but you. All it takes is one other person to buy into them to keep you going.”
Lopez Lomong, Running for My Life: One Lost Boy's Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games

I hope you are enjoying the fresh weather.  I know my teams enjoyed the change.  The end of a season is always bittersweet.  It is great to see the athletes success in the journey of the season but it is also sad because you want to see them continue to get better.  The one thing about running is they can continue to train on their own.  I was able to highlight each team this year with pictures and stories so hopefully you have gotten to know these young Pirate athletes and can celebrate their successes.

We did not have 54 Junior High runners like some other schools in the district.  In fact we had the smallest amount of Cross Country athletes in the district.  We only had two young ladies running for Lytle but they were quality and ran with all the heart they possessed.  Thalia Gonzales medaled in every race this year.  She finished 5th at district with a time of 15:48.  Ariel Muriara is our 8th grade girl.  She plays volleyball, is a cheerleader and placed 6th in the race.  She ran a personal best for Hondo finishing two miles at 14:41 (16:15).  She is ready to step into the high school and compete at the varsity level. 

Our boys had two teams.  The 8th grade boys finished third overall scoring 70 points.  The eighth grade team was led by Carlos Tamayo who medaled 13th and Jared Garrison who medaled 15th.  The other three runners who ran were Johnny Gonzales III – 19th, Giovanni Perez, 14:11(17:15) – 20th and Zachary Rodriguez – 27th. 

The seventh grade boys finished 4th overall and Mark Cantu was the individual district Champion finishing with a record time for Lytle on the Hondo Course at 12:03.  Gabino Olalde held the record at 12:17.  Alex Esquivez also medaled 12th with a time of 13:54 (15:59).  The other 7th grade runners were:

JC Hernandez                   21st                                         14:48 (16:36)

Goyo Alcorta                      27th                                         15:02

Isaac Howard                     28th                                         15:03(16:26)

Rafael Pacheco                 35th                                         16:03

Mason Ringer                    37th                                         16:15 (17:56)

Israel Aguinaga                 38th                                         16:22 (18:40)

Quen Syma                         47th                                         17:08 (20:17)

Dario Alfaro                        49th                                         17:27 (17:53)

Kyle Mueller                      51st                                         17:47 (20:13)

The times in the parenthesis are times they ran in September at Hondo.  The gains made show the hard work they put in at practice.  Hopefully they will incorporate the hard work skills into work in the classroom.  I would like to thank the parents for the support they have given their children.  They got them to practice every day at 6:00 in the morning.  Thank you to the transportation department for providing vehicles for us to get to the race.  In ten years of coaching we have never failed to get to a meet due to bus failure.  The cafeteria ladies provided the nutrition for us to run our best by packing wonderful lunches and breakfasts.  The success of these athletes belongs to so many in Lytle who go unnoticed.  The Cross Country teams appreciate the hard work.  I sent them off yesterday with this verse.

“Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.  They will rise up on wings as eagles.  They will run and not grow weary.”  Is 40:31.

Until you hear from me some more.  I’m out.

Hadley Foster Jr.