Last night the 8th grade volleyball team competed in their last volleyball game as 8th graders. They competed against Boerne MS- North, unfortunately we lost.  As I drove home with the thoughts of "what should have I done differently, what could have I done differently and what do I need to do for next year (as most coaches do)" I smiled.   Don't get me wrong, a loss is hard but I smiled because the girls have come a long way from the first day of the season.  I told myself "Stop and look at what has changed." They have learned so much in a short time frame. 

They learned how to set the ball, they learned they proper footwork to pass, set, spike and serve the ball. They learned new terminology of the sport that was foreign to them.  They learned how to lean on each other, as a team, in hard times and in good times. Some learned how to serve and get their ball over the net for the first time and others improved their serve and learned how to jump serve. These girls are amazing and it was a blessing and an honoring coaching them. I only wish I had more time with them!

Thank you to all the parents, staff, and community for supporting our Lady Pirates. 


The 7th grade volleyball "B" traveled Boerne last night. We lost in 2 games. Thank you to everyone that came to support us throughout the season.

Jackie Bohl