I hope everyone had a fantastic Spring Break! Here is an update about the tennis happenings over the past few weeks.

First, there was the cold, wet, windy tournament in Uvalde (yes, tennis players play almost no matter the conditions). Due to the conditions the tournament had already been shortened and your Lytle Pirates were on fire with just about everyone winning at least one match and had a few working on their second match. Due to the heat of the Lytle Pirates, Mother Nature started to drop the temperature and brought the drizzle which cancelled the tournament to our disappointment. Freezing rain....a tennis players worst nightmare.

We rode that confidence to Uvalde into Brackenridge (which low and behold the JV tournament was delayed due to weather this time) on both the JV and Varsity squad the Pirates fought hard and gave it their all before they headed to Spring Break. They kept their composure when the matches got tough and keep their heads held high. We had one player, Tristen Inocencio, make it to the semis on the JV team doing JV singles. She came up short, but showed the fight that I know each and every tennis player has on our team. We will continue to work on getting better as we head into the end of season in Uvalde and then district in Fredericksburg. Thank you for your continued support!