In a very uncharacteristic performance this weekend, Lytle Pirate softball was eliminated from the playoffs by a red-hot Jourdanton Squaw team.  Jourdanton’s head coach sincerely made the comment, “That wasn’t the team we’ve been following all year...” and I couldn’t help but simply agree.  The girls finished 16-11 on the year (5-5 in district).  

The final scoreboards were ugly, but it didn’t erase any of the hard work, fearless attitude and memorable victories this team put together on their journey to a third place 29-4A district finish.  It was a spring for the #underdog and our girls competed daily with pride and exceeded expectations internally and from outside commenters.  The team displayed a terrific, even infectious fun for the game and each other and it was awesome to be around each day.  Last night, I looked back through our Facebook page and web articles for the last 4 months and felt great about this team and our #endlessspringbreak adventures.

Meaningful moments did not go unappreciated by this year’s team. I’d like to thank Lytle Elementary for the amazing recognition parade and Mrs. Perales and the Pirate Pals for the wonderful pre-game meal on Friday.  The girls enjoyed spending time with your students.    Thanks to everyone that attended our games throughout the year and the tons of new faces that filled the stadium Friday night to support us and followed us to Jourdanton Saturday.  Thanks to all of you that gave the girls praise in class or the hallways, responded to an email or stood for us at a game.  We appreciate the amazing cafeteria crew for keeping us fueled on the road and everyone in ops for keeping us safe on the highway and helping with our facilities.  Manuel - thanks for all the help on the field, we get tons of compliments.  Thanks to Tilley and Wilson for their hard work - they learned that I’m ridiculous and are probably glad I stay out of volleyball and basketball!  Thanks to the “unofficial softball staff” for countless behind the scenes efforts and our in-game entertainment: EJ and Maddux - instead of seeing coaching season as a family sacrifice, they completely invested our family into the softball program which in turn was a blessing to us.

Most of all thanks to #laspiratasreadytorumble, the 13 players who wore the uniform proudly.  The laughter, smiles and battles will always overshadow any tears we shared along the way.  We survived a marathon season and no challenges along the way were going to disrupt your magical year. I loved taking the field with you every day.

Coach Adams