Lytle High School

The cross country team traveled to Crystal City to participate in the 2nd annual Ricardo Gallegos Invitational.  For the girls we had 3 running varsity, Maria Godina 5th, Angelica Cuenca 19th, and Tara Fraga 25th out of 55.  On the JV girls we had 4 with Clarissa Cantu leading the way with a 2nd place finish along with Jessica Cuenca 14th, Monique Covarrubias 18th and Khloe Moran 45th out of 67 runners.  For the boys we had 2 run on the varsity, Josh Gamboa 22nd and Michael Bradshaw 45th out of 67 runners and 7 run for the JV (Josh Montes 6th, Elric Botello 10th, Justin Sekula 30th, Paul Tomlinson 32nd, Elijah Garrison 47th, Gage Eichman 60th and Cody Lopez 68th out of 100) which finished 4th out of 7 teams.  The team next travels to Hondo on Saturday.

Coach Ruiz

Lytle Junior High

Hope you had a restful labor day.  I have a friend who is a Blacksmith and I love to watch him work.  He can make strong blades by hammering sheets of metal together after they have become heated.  We began to add another layer on the blade of the cross country team this weekend.  We have 2 new eighth grade boys to add to the group from last year and 11 eager seventh grade lads.  Carlos Tamayo and Giovanni Perez are the new 8th graders.  My seventh grade team consists of Israel Aguinaga, Goyo Alcorta, Dario Alfaro, Mark Cantu, Alex Esquivez, J.C. Hernandez, Isaac Howard, David Laureno, Kyle Mueller, Mason Ringer, and Quen Syma.  I have only three gems of young ladies running.  Ariel Muriara and Camyrn Martinez represent the 8th grade and my lone diamond in the seventh grade is Thalia Gonzales.  We set off this week with two goals.  One was to run the entire two miles and the other was to have fun.  Here are the results of the boys.

                Mark Cantu – 3rd with a time of 12:13                                                       Carlos Tamayo -14th Medalist with a time of 13:13

                Goyo Alcorta – 21st, medalist                                                                        Giovanni Perez – 26th

                JC Hernadez – 32nd                                                                                            Zach Rodriguez – 35th

                Alex Esquivez – 38th

                David Laureno – 42nd

                Mason Ringer – 46th

                Israel Aguinaga – 58th

                Dario Alfaro – 59th

                Kyle Mueller – 60th

Thalia told me at practice one morning that she had been wanting to run since being in the elementary.  I have attached a picture of her with her medal.  She was at the mile at 7:26 which was something she had never done in practice.  When I told her that she just had one more mile to go she looked to the sky like are you kidding me.  She finished in seventeenth place for her first race and medaled with a time of 17:15.  I am so proud of her and it is exciting to work with athletes who do not look at two miles as impossible but as a challenge to run faster.  On the book I keep my times in for 2015, I have a quote on the cover.  “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.”  We will be back to work this week as we prepare for the race in Hondo next week.  Thanks to all the parents, friends and faculty who spend Saturday cheering on the Lytle Cross Country team.  

We are having fun running.

Hadley Foster Jr.

Lytle JH Cross country