The 2016 Cross Country season for your Lytle program came to an end on Saturday at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock.  It was a beautiful morning with some amazing races and very talented athletes.  For the 8th time in the last 10 years we have had someone from Lytle represent us at the State Meet XC meet, but this was the first time that we only qualified female athletes (Senior Maria Godina and Sophomore Clarissa Cantu). 

It was Maria’s final High School XC meet and she ran it that way.  She set a PERSONAL RECORD of 12:21.23 for the 3200m course and finished 29th out of 150 runners(She ran on this same course on October 1st and ran a 13:01).  She not only improved from her 2015 state place and time of 46th and 13:09, but she also beat 8 girls that she did not beat at the regional meet in Corpus on October 29th(where she placed 15th and would have placed 7th at regional’s with her run Saturday).  Though she did not get on the medal stand, she did meet the goals we set and when you run the fastest time you ever have on the last meet of your HS career and it’s the STATE MEET…I think you can feel real good about yourself.  Congratulations to Maria!!!

Clarissa didn’t have her best meet but it sure wasn’t because she didn’t try.  It is a big difference when you come across that first mile and you see 40-50 girls in front of you and you have ran the fastest first mile you have all year!  Especially if you haven’t been able to train very much since September 10th and you are not use to seeing that many fast girls in front of you.  But for Clarissa to even be at the State meet as a qualifier, still amazes me.  She has been hurt most of the year and for her to have gotten this far was purely heart!  Clarissa was with Maria through the first mile and ¼ but that 6:07 first mile took it out of her.  You could see her struggle through the last ½-¾  mile and that was all due to the lack of training due to her injuries.    Clarissa finished 84th and you could see that she was really disappointed.  But she got the experience and she knows now that she will have to stay healthy and train harder to keep that pace next year.  After allowing her to get over her run, the first thing she told me was that she was going to keep running and now get ready for track.  So I know she took it hard and she still has 2 more years so the experience she gained was priceless.  Congratulations to Clarissa!!!