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Volleyball - 8th Grade

JH Volleyball wraps up season against Boerne MS - North


Last night the 8th grade volleyball team competed in their last volleyball game as 8th graders. They competed against Boerne MS- North, unfortunately we lost.  As I drove home with the thoughts of "what should have I done differently, what could have I done differently and what do I need to do for next year (as most coaches do)" I smiled.   Don't get me wrong, a loss is hard but I smiled because the girls have come a long way from the first day of the season.  I told myself "Stop and look at what has changed." They have learned so much in a short time frame. 

They learned how to set the ball, they learned they proper footwork to pass, set, spike and serve the ball. They learned new terminology of the sport that was foreign to them.  They learned how to lean on each other, as a team, in hard times and in good times. Some learned how to serve and get their ball over the net for the first time and others improved their serve and learned how to jump serve. These girls are amazing and it was a blessing and an honoring coaching them. I only wish I had more time with them!

Thank you to all the parents, staff, and community for supporting our Lady Pirates. 


The 7th grade volleyball "B" traveled Boerne last night. We lost in 2 games. Thank you to everyone that came to support us throughout the season.

Jackie Bohl 

JH Volleyball Report - 8B rocks victory against Bandera

Good morning Pirates!


Yesterday afternoon our B-team Lady Pirates competed against the Bandera Bulldogs and pulled off the WIN!! YAY for them, the deserved it. They have worked so hard and it paid off.

Unfortunately, the A-team was able to pull-off the win last night, but they competed well and played strong. 

Thank you for your support. Our next and last game will be on Monday November 2, 2015 in Boerne, TX at 5 and 6.

JH Volleyball travels to Fredericksburg; 7th A comes home victorious


The 8th grade girls both A & B teams lost in two sets to Fredericksburg. Our next and last home game is on Monday Oct. 26, 2015 against Bandera. We hope to see you there.  Thank you!


Tonight the lady pirates 7th grade  "A" team defeated Fredericksburg  in a tough 3 game match. We won the first game 25-20.  The 2nd game was a little bit tough. They had one dominate server we had a hard time breaking her serve. We lost the 2nd game 15-25. It went to a deciding 3rd game. That game went back and forth several times but we were victorious in the end by the score of 25-21. If you see the following girls in school tomorrow tell them they represented Lytle very well. A special thanks to all the people who drove 2 hours  to support us. Also a special thanks to the 7th grade "B" team and both 8th grade teams who cheered us on to victory in the 3rd and deciding game. The girls gave me an early birthday present. A WINπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

The 7th grade volleyball "B" team traveled Fredericksburg last night. We lost in 2 games. Thank you to everyone that came to support us .

JH Volleyball has action packed matches with Hondo


B-team had a great 1st game beating Hondo 25-19. Unfortunately we couldn't regain control of the 2nd and 3rd set and fell short to the Owls.

A-team has been improving with their serves, setting, blocking and hitting. I'm sad to say that the Hondo Owls took both games. The girls appreciate all those who come out and support them. 

Next game is Monday Oct. 19th in Fredericksburg.


The 7th grade "A" team played Hondo tonight in a volleyball match. The first game was close but we lost 20-25. The 2nd game we had trouble with two different servers and lost 13-25. Next we play at Fredricksburg on Monday October 19th. Come and cheer us on if you can make it.  

Thank you for everyone that showed up tonight to support our lady pirates. It means a lot to the girls to have family, friends, teachers, and administrators come and watch them play

Coach Hicks

The 7th grade "B" team played Hondo last night in a volleyball match . We came out winning with scores of 29-27,26-24. Next we play at Fredricksburg on Monday October 19th.  

Thank you for everyone that showed up to support the girls!

Coach Bohl

JH Volleyball developing against Devine


The girls have develop so much. They had quite a number of rallies and their serves are improving by the day. We even have some girls jump serving at both the A-team and B-team. All the hard work they are putting in will pay off. Unfortunately we ran out of steam and lost in two sets in both A & B team. I remind the girls everyday

"NEVER.... let the fear of making a mistake keep you from playing YOUR game."

I hope they remember that and every practice and game.

Thanks for your support!


Last night we lost to Devine in 2 games. Next week we play here Monday Oct 12 @ 5 against Hondo. 

Junior High Volleyball faces tough competition against Boerne


Last night our lady Pirates, lost to Boerne. We are getting better each game, these young ladies have the never give up quality, which is outstanding. Thanks to all the parents and family and friends that came to support us last night. Next week we play Devine in Devine, Monday B team at 5:00 and A team at 6:00.


Last night our lady Pirates, lost to Boerne in a volleyball match 9-25, and 7-25. It seams that the teams we play always have one great server that we have a hard time passing it to the setter. We are getting better each game, but the young ladies will never give up. I even started serving during practice to try to get them to return balls that are coming fast. Hopefully this will help in future games. Thanks to all the parents and family and friends that came to support us last night. Next up we play Devine in Devine next Monday B team at 5:00 and A team at 6:00.  Coach Hicks

Last night our lady Pirates, lost to Boerne in a volleyball match 7-25,15-25.Thanks to all that came to support us . Next up we play Devine in Devine next Monday B team at 5:00 and A team at 6:00. Coach Bohl

JH Volleyball visits Bandera Bulldogs


Yesterday the JH volleyball team travelled to Bandera and competed against the Lady Bulldogs.  They competed so well. They are definitely improving and I'm extremely proud of them.  They lost in 3. They won the first set, lost the second and almost won the third.  Like I stated before, I am extremely proud of them.

Thank you for supporting these young ladies. 

JH Volleyball plays hard against Fredericksburg Billies


Thank you all for coming out and supporting the Lady Pirates Volleyball. It was an exciting match. The girls are coming together and learning new skills, a new offense and defense. 

8th grade B-Team

Lytle                           15           16

Fredericksburg             25           25

A-Team has some great moments and they are coming along. I am so proud of these young ladies. Unfortunately we fell short, but the improvement is incredible.

Lytle                     19           21

Fredericksburg       25           25



The 7th grade volleyball "A"  played Fredricksburg last night at home. We almost won the first game but came up short 24-26. The second game was a tough one. They had one dominant server that hurt us.  A special thanks to everyone that can to support us last night. 

The 7th grade volleyball "B" 

Played Fredricksburg last night at home. We won the first game but lost second and third . Thank you to everyone that can to support us last night. 

JH Volleyball road trip to Hondo; Fredericksburg at home next up


The 8th grade volleyball girls traveled to Hondo to compete against the Owls.  B-team struggled in the first set 0-25. They had 1 powerful server and could not overcome her. The second set was a different story. We started with some great serves and had quite a number of rallies, however, we lost 25-18. The girls are progressing and show great improvement, they sure did ruffle those Owls feathers.  8th grade team are starting to grab the 3 man serve receive concept and understanding and implementing the bump, set, spike play. Our setters had a couple of great sets and had a couple of nice kills, otherwise known as spikes. We were not able to over come those Owls. The first set was 5-25, second set was 11-25. The score definitely does not reflect the awesome rallies that went on in the game.


Tonight the 7th grade 'A' team traveled to Hondo for a volleyball match against Hondo. We came up a little bit short. First game was 10-25. The second games was an improvement. But we lost 22-25. Abby Moreno has a good serving game in the second game. Next we play Fredericksburg at Lytle on Monday September 14, 2015. Come out and support your Lady Pirate volleyball teams at 5:00 and 6:00.

A special thanks to the people who drove to Hondo to support us tonight 

JH Volleyball starts season at home against Devine

The 7th grade 'A' team played Devine tonight in their first game of the year. The girls are working hard but we have only had a week of practice before our first game. There is a lot of new information that we are asking the players to handle. We scored 11 points in the first game and 16 in the second. The more we practice the easier and better we will be transitioning on the court. I am looking forward to a great season with these girls that was in trusted to me. A special thanks to everyone who showed up to support us. 

Coach Hicks

The 8th Grade Jr. High volleyball teams had a game yesterday. The girls are practicing hard and learning a new system, with more practice and support from the Lytle district family these girls are going to be the team to look out for.

Thanks to all the students, parents, faculty and staff who came out and supported us. We fell short on the win but are improving.

Go Lady Pirates - Coach Cordero